Cool It - Professor Bjorn Lomborg

Professor Bjorn Lomborg gives his take on the climate "crisis" with solutions which are much more cost-effective and sensible.

Bjørn Lomborg (who actually believes that climate change is real and man-made) gets compared to Hitler by the head of the IPCC for merely pointing out the economic senselessness of many of the proposals to deal with the “problem“ The list of allegations against him almost reads like an indictment for war crimes. …

Comment from Germany
This is by far one of the best documentaries about global warming I've ever seen. I live in Germany. Huge amounts of mone are spent here on climate issues. People are made to believe, that they could help prevent climate changes. But in fact, it changes nothing! Lomborg is perfectly right in what he says. I recommend reading his book 'The Sceptical Environmentalist'. It provides much more facts than the film does.

"Bjorn Lomborg Explains and debunks Al Gore

"Bjorn Lomborg Explains and debunks Al Gore

Lomborg legt Tesla over de knie

Tesla:7500$ subsidie en 45$ aan co2 winst. Niet echt een goede investering volgens Lomborg