Freeman Dyson: opvolger Einstein, Princeton Uni

De opvolger van Einstein legt de klimaat alarmisten over de knie. Freeman Dyson destroys climaxen model.

The Truth About the Global Warming Agenda by Former NASA Climatologist and Climate Expert

A debunking of the global warming agenda, from Roy W. Spencer, former NASA climatologist and climate expert. For more on this topic, purchase his new Broadside, "The Bad Science and Bad Policy of Obama's Global Warming Agenda" by clicking here:

Climategate:What they aren't telling you

What happens if you question Global Warming or Climate Change? Is evidence that goes against the mainstream climate change narrative being suppressed for political reasons?

Climate Fraud! Global Warming Hoax! Professor John R. Christy

Former IPCC reviewer, prof John R Christy debunks global warming.